About the author:

My name is Daniel Monteiro (aka NeoStrider). Im (as of 2009, November) 24 years old and I live in

I've been involved with game development since I got my first computer, a PC XTjr,with a 8088,
704Kb RAM, 10MB HDD and 4 Color CGA. It was a joy to code some crude games with QBasic. Since
then, I've been pursuing the thrills of modern game development.

I've been working with mobile devices for about 5 years and a half.I started with my N-Gage,
programming Symbian C++,and then Maemo, after my N-Gage got stolen. I had nothing more
holding me on the Windows side-of-the-force.So I could enjoy my freedom.

Besides this project, I also mantain the base code for BZK, as I am the main programmer (but
not the sole one, as my friends helped me).

When I'm not working on my personal projects (unfortunatly, most of the time), I work and
go to the Universidade Federal Fluminense ,where Im trying to graduate.

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